Racial Profiling Effects

Effects of Racial Profiling One of the most controversial social injustices derives from the topic of racism. This reoccurring issue has been seen on numerous accounts since the time of America 's founding fathers. When the United States of America was being formed, race was an issue that needed to be compromised. A stem of racism, racial profiling, is an injustice that has become more tangible with the passing of time. To this day, cases can be made where profiling based on race is an apparent factor. The angst that encourages racial profiling is comprehensible; however, profiling based on race is an unreliable method that creates more issues than solves. This discriminatory method infringes on an individual 's civil rights, alienates both …show more content…
A couple states were successful with their laws to cease racial profiling in their area. However, looking at a national viewpoint, following the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, a group of anti-racial profiling administrators, known as the End Racial Profiling Act of 2007, was introduced but has yet to be passed by Congress. Nonetheless, profiling by race produces conflict in disregarding the rights of those being targeted. Infringing on an individual 's civil rights, not only antagonizes the individual, but also entire populations. Once an individual is outed due to his or her race and is found innocent, both the individual and entire population related with the victim takes offense. Through studies, the toll that racial profiling takes on a person is evident. The American Psychological Association concluded that some of the consequences an individual may experience is “post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological disorders, which can lead to drug abuse, depression, and even suicide” (Racial, 2015). Therefore, with the above evidence stated, racial profiling is clear to be an unreliable and harsh method used by governmental

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