Questions On Writing And Writing Essay

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Assignment after assignment would pile up in my homework folder till the night before they were due. As the teacher would hand out the sheet, I wouldn’t even look at it I’d just put it right into my folder, hoping it was a joke that I didn’t actually have to write. Writing has always been a struggle to me. Creating ideas, brainstorming has never come easy. I could never connect with my writing, forced to put words on the paper about a topic I had no interest in. I always felt as if writing was a punishment, because to achieve the end it was always a personal torture.
It’s panic time, hours before the assignment with not even a letter on my paper. I seclude myself to my room; nothing can be in my way. My desk must be completely cleared, not even an extra pen on the desk. If it is not clear my brain is all over the place, being distracted by the littlest things, just to avoid doing my work. I then take out the assignment and laugh a little about how much I have do, and hope that next time I will not wait till the last minute. But every time I wait till the last minute, procrastination had always worked for me.
Finally it’s time to get the assignment done and out of my way. My first step usually consists of creating a thesis that usually never connects with my ideas. This is one of the hardest parts because I never really know what I’m about to write I just type what I think connects to the essay topic.
After about an hour of staring at the assignment and distracting myself…

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