The Importance Of Sports Debate

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Sports debate is a hobby that I am most passionate for. A reason I am so fond of this hobby is because it includes two of my favorite things: sports and arguing. I constantly find myself tuning into ESPN to watch ESPN first take or Fox Sports to watch Undisputed. These two sports debate shows take up most of most mornings as I would sit watching the art of oration between two well prepared candidates. Unlike sports debate, writing papers was not one of my hobbies. In fact my mindset towards writing was that of abhorrence instead of dedication and care. As a result, the papers I turned in high school were hit or miss depending on how the teacher felt about my paper but usually my essay grades were ,needless to say, not As. However, deep down …show more content…
Stephen A Smith’s sources come directly from the players, as a result, credibility is established. More importantly, however, the information he gains from his sources is used to support his argument and opinion. I realized this is the same case as in writing.The sources need to be credible and must flow with my argument. My improvement in this area is demonstrated by my correction from my first essay to my second. In my first essay “Better to be Daring” I stated that Icarus is merely representing “his expression of personality”(Gill), and is being watched in amazement for it. This text is a message for society: The ones who will boldly try the unexpected and dare to do things no one has ever done will be revered and respected, no matter if they fail or not. There are many errors in the way I implemented the outside source. First off it was documented wrongly. But even worse, the outside source does not support my statement that followed. This is because the second part of my statement was simply a general claim. In my second essay “The Selfish Nature of Humankind” I stated that Gregor’s metamorphosis propelled the young daughter( Grete) to become a mature woman and “It is she who will ironically bloom as her brother deteriorates”(Strauss). This sets up the role reversal between Gregor and Grete and the audience can assume that the parents will now rely upon Grete and her promising future to support them. This time the outside source I implemented supports the arguement I was making in my

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