Psy 205 Week 8 Exam 2 Essay

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PSY 205 Week 8 Exam 2
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Course Life Span Development
Test Exam 2 Attempt Score 150 out of 150 points
Time Elapsed 1 hour, 46 minutes out of 2 hours.
Instructions This exam consist of 50 multiple choice questions that cover the material in Chapters 6 through 10.
• Question 1
3 out of 3 points The WISC measures ________, while achievement tests measure ________.
• Question 2
3 out of 3 points John and Martha have clear rules and expectations. When a child breaks a rule, they listen to their son or daughter's side of the story before deciding on a consequence. According to Baumrind's parenting styles framework, John and Martha are
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Based on the text discussion of deviancy training, what might you advise?
• Question 11
3 out of 3 points You are a nurse who works with teens with eating issues. Based on the text, pick your main challenge.
• Question 12
3 out of 3 points Children who are temperamentally “at risk” are MOST likely to thrive when:
• Question 13
3 out of 3 points Ruth is artistically talented and would like to be a professional painter but realizes this field is highly competitive and artists rarely make a living wage. After considering several possibilities, she has decided to become an art teacher, since she also really likes children. According to the identity statuses framework, Ruth is in:
• Question 14
3 out of 3 points Corinne's son Josh wants to get heavily involved in his high school drama and voice clubs and she is worried, because her child is not a great scholar. Based on the text research, what might you advise?
• Question 15
3 out of 3 points From an evolutionary point of view, pick the MAIN advantage of teenage risk taking:
• Question 16
3 out of 3 points Which child is apt to recover MOST quickly from his parents' divorce?
• Question 17
3 out of 3 points Give each child the correct “diagnosis” or label in order: “Judy is extremely anxious and depressed.” “Jane acts disruptively and regularly gets into fights.”
• Question 18
3 out of

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