Pros And Cons Of Cell Phones Beware

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Cell Phones Beware
Since the dawn of time human’s main objective is to communicate with anyone or thing. This has led to the starts of many things for example God made Eve so Adam could communicate with someone like him thus the starting of the human race. Over the years humans have invented many things to communicate with people living faraway, for example one invention still being used today the telephone which believe it or not was invented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell. The telephone has been redesign and renovate over the past decades but in the early 1980’s there was something new and meant one could communicate with anyone anywhere no longer where the phone was. One could call and be walking down the street talking to someone at
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GPS is short for Global Positioning System. It uses space based satellites to locate different information for example location of the closet restaurant, and even the weather conditions. This allows cell phones to be found if lost. It also comes in handing when reading directions. One of the disadvantages with this it gives hackers and people information about where you are. Making it easier for people to know where you are all the time. It is taking away people’s privacy. By taking away people privacy it puts people in harm’s way off dangerous humans. Allowing people to know your location at any time can lead to putting innocent people in harm’s …show more content…
Texting allows a typed message to be received and transferred between cellphones. Texting has led to the down fall of face to face communication, and horrible grammar. It has allowed people to abbreviate and make their own version of the written and vocal English language for example cuz which is short for because, or LOL which is short for laugh out loud. Text messages can be interpreted in many different ways this can led to drama or problems of all sorts if it is misunderstood in the wrong way. This has changed the way we communicate with each other and the reason why are language has changed from more formal to laid back and

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