The Future Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451, By Ray Bradbury

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Throughout time, technology has evolved from fire and stone stools to electronic phones and television. Although technology has certainly improved the lives of many, it has also hurt many others, which is illustrated in a quote by Carrie Snow. “Technology … is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other.” While contemporary technologies certainly can be beneficial to society, at the same time they can wound society making technology the root of all good and evil. This statement is proved not only in the fictional world of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, but also in the real world.
As demonstrated in Fahrenheit 451, technology can be advantageous to the consumer. In the beginning,
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"Got to clean 'em out both ways," said the operator, standing over the silent woman. . . "Stop it!" said Montag. "I was just sayin '," said the operator. . ."First, why don 't you tell me if she 'll be all right?" "Sure, she 'll be O.K. . . As I said, you take out the old and put in the new and you 're O.K. (Bradbury 12-13)
Technology can be advantageous to the consumer as shown through the fireproof houses, the hound, and the blood transfusion machine in Fahrenheit 451.
As exemplified in Fahrenheit 451, technology can also be harmful to people. In the novel, Mildred is addicted to television which she watches on the parlor walls in the living room. Mildred considers the people in the television shows to be her family and even puts them before her real family. When Montag was pretending to be sick to avoid burning books, Montag was asking his wife to call him in sick. However, because this involves turning her favorite programs off, she refuses.
"Will you turn the parlour off?" he asked.
"That 's my
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Similar to in Fahrenheit 451, weapons of mass destruction are disadvantageous to society. In August of 1945, two nuclear weapons were dropped in Japan resulting in the deaths of around two hundred thousand people (Long). Because just two bombs were able to cause that amount of destruction, this technology is detrimental since a worldwide war involving these weapons could lead to the end of humanity. As a result of more people using technology such as the internet in their everyday lives, many forms of technology are invading people’s privacy. For instance, location tracking is a feature in nearly every mobile device. It is used to track wherever the user’s phone has been usually meaning that wherever the person has been (Myhre). Also, when using the internet, electronic devices can track cookies which is data sent from a website to a web browser. This data keeps track of websites a person has been on and can be used by third-party websites to show ads that correlate with websites a person has been on (Myhre) Additionally, it can save important personal information such as a credit card or a password, which can be accessed by hackers. As a result of more technology such as laptops being integrated into classrooms across the world, students are doing worse in school. Because access to electronic devices allows students to distracting things such as games and social media, students have a lower attention span

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