Professionalism And Patient Family Centered Care Essay

1117 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 5 Pages
When one attends nursing school, nursing will not be their job or their career, it will be their profession. Even though a nurse might not be wearing scrubs or working in a hospital at that moment, a nurse is always a nurse. Two of the key elements in nursing are professionalism and patient-family-centered care. These two concepts not only show that nursing is a profession and that a nurse is always a nurse, on or off of the clock; furthermore, it shows the characteristics of all nurses to be professional yet empathetic, stern yet caring. Nurses do not follow the rules of professionalism and patient-family-centered care, they define the rules. Nurses define the rules of professionalism by how they present themselves, however there needs to be a concrete definition of the term. Professionalism “refers to the application of ideal qualities of an individual within a specific professional field” (Giddens, 2013, p. 359). Ideal qualities would be integrity, respect, hospitality, leadership, ethical, caring, and numerous other characteristics that the nurse would display when providing care to their patient or when conversing with other professionals. Nurses act in a professional manner, though they also need to display signs of empathy to show that they care for their patients and what they go through. In this profession, medical caregivers need to involve the patient and their families in their care. This way, individuals and families remain a part of their healing and in…

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