ANA Code Of Ethics

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ANA Code of Ethics Provisions 5-9
The Code of Ethics is the foundation to a nursing career. It can help the Registered Nurse (RN) to deal with ethical and unethical situations throughout patient care. Provisions 1-4 discussed some of the basic principles in patient care. Provisions 5-9 address the nurse’s duties under different circumstances.
Provision 5
Provision 5 discusses the importance of not only the nurse’s duty to the patient, but the duty to themselves. It involves promoting health for self and the patient, conservation of integrity and character, continuation of competence, and growth in the nursing field (ANA, 2015). Patients should take priority but, nurses need to make sure they are also keeping up with themselves. In order to
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It discusses the contributions that the nurse should take to be competent in evidence-based care (ANA, 2015). Many times, the nurses learn from research studies. Nurse play many roles in research such as data collectors or simply being the nurse whom is providing care for the patient (ANA, 2015). Either way it is important during this time to respect the patient’s personal wishes and rights.
Every nurse has an obligation to have some set standards that contribute to ethical practice. These standards consist of having autonomy to make the proper decisions, and self-regulation of what is going on in the environment and patient care (ANA, 2015). For new graduate nurses, these standards can be difficult to achieve alone. During this time nurse educators can help these new nurses seek that standard. Nurse educators are also there to help all nurses contribute to committees that will help make a difference or improve certain aspects of patient care. As part of the Code of Ethics, nurses have an obligation to be involved in patient care improvement (ANA,
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The organizations should have their voices heard locally and nationally to influence proper patient care. Nursing organizations should educate nursing students about the unethical things and accurate aspects of patient care so that hopefully new graduate nurses will be able to provide the best quality care possible (ANA, 2015). All nurses uniting and communicating across the globe can contribute to patient care. Nurses can make a change for the world among them by advocating for specific programs and participating in improvement, prevention, suffering, pain and illness and environmental concerns. (ANA,

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