Product Placement

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Guidelines to make effective
Product Placement is an effective way of communication as has been found by many researchers. But the effectiveness is a function of variables like context (of the plot), match of product with type of movie, audience profile (age, sex, education, literacy, language, religion, culture, access to technology, media interests, hobbies), emotional appeal, program involvement and liking for a star. The success of in-serial and film product placement depends upon the involvement of consumers in the serial as well as its popularity. (Kashyap, 2008).
Ads placed first in a group (pod) of ads and those placed at the beginning of the program recalled significantly more than ads later in the pod and later in the program (Stephen J. Newell, 2003)
Controlled experimental approach modality of presentation i.e. visual and auditory of the placement and degree of connection between a brand and the plot of the show interact to influence memory and attitude change. Memory improves when modality and plot connection are incongruent but persuasion is enhanced by
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Which environmental factor influences more in changing the product placement strategy? Is changing taste of customer in entertainment responsible for increasing the importance of product placement? Is product placement useful more for non-branded products than branded products? How the emotions attach with product and brand placement in daily soap? What are the steps/process in developing the positive attitude of customers towards the product and brand? What should be the standard duration of product placement in television serial or movie? It is well said that success of research studies lies in the application of research in actual practice and find out the gap to develop right marketing

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