Problems with the Public School System Essay

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The Complications within the Public School System
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The Complications within the Public School System
We as humans aren't standardized in our thought process so why are there curriculums? We send our young ones to school to set them up for their future. We invest time into our children whether it is at home or at a place where learning is the main objective. How much are we really getting out of the system if it is all standardized? It seems like the public school system is set up so that they push kids straight through without the proper materials or support they need to succeed. We need to focus on the student as a whole and not as a piece of the percentage.
Lack of Funding
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They were designed to have everybody on the same playing field so they are the median level of information that the student should learn. (Derrick Meador, 2014)
The way that tests are taken now and how they used to be taken has even changed. In previous years, the common materials used for test taking were paper, pencil and a Scantron answer sheet. In today’s society, children have much more access to the rapidly developing world of technology that results in computers being the primary platform for testing. This allows the standardized test developed under the common core curriculum to be more easily distributed and graded. This might cause another issue of many districts not having enough funding to make the necessary upgrades. As a result, the school would have to take more time in figuring out how to get every student on the computer in a timely manner in order to have them assessed and graded. With the now standardized test, it will increase school emphasis on getting over all higher scores and not on the problem solving skills or even critical thinking skills of the student rather how do they compare to another state or district.
No Child Left Behind
No Child Left Behind, like many ideas, seemed good at first. However, when it was introduced there were many issues associated with it. When it was first introduced the presidential administration at the time underfunded the act. This most

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