Should The Supreme Court Have The Power Of The Executive Branch Essay

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If the Supreme Court didn't have the power to overturn unconstitutional federal laws, then who would? Without the supreme court, the other two branches will be overpowering. The United States can’t have a workable system of the government without the judicial branch. The Judicial branch act as a tiebreaker for the legislative branch and executive branch. And those three are the reason to prevent the government from overpower. Without them, it will lead to chaos, and nobody makes a decision. The states end up with power and create their own country. The Supreme Court should have the power of judicial review and overturn the unconstitutional federal law because it reviews the actions of the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch to see if …show more content…
According to Hamilton (1788) stated that the judiciary the “least dangerous” branch of government. Unlike the other two branches, the supreme court has the only power to make a decision. Document B “ The Executive not only dispenses the honors but hold the sword of the community. The legislature not only commands the purse but prescribes the rules by which the duties of every citizen are to be regulated.” this quote shows that each of the branches already has their duties. The legislative branch has the power to control tax and money, while the executive branch can make law and control the army. It would be overpowered if they would give them the power to overturn the unconstitutional federal law. It’s unfair to give the legislature judicial review. Each branch should have their power. No other branches act will go against the constitution is acceptable. The legislative branch often writes laws that will rob citizens of their constitutional rights. The supreme court is the referee, able to call foul if one of that law is unconstitutional. Every branch should have equal power and no other branches above

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