Most Powerful Branch Of Government Essay

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The United States of America is a country where powers are separated in order to prevent an all powerful branch of government. The three main branches of government are the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branch. These branched serve the purpose of checking and balancing each other. The Executive branch has the power to implement laws. These laws are brought on by the Legislative branch. Lastly, the Judicial branch then evaluates the laws, and check if they are constitutional or unconstitutional. This process is called Checks and Balances, “The system of separate institutions sharing some powers… its purpose is to keep power divided among the three branches” (Turner,27). By this definition not one power is meant to be all powerful, although …show more content…
This is because it is the most powerful branch. The first reason is that they have the ability to create laws. Many people might argue that they can not get laws passed without the Presidents approval. Although this is true to an extent, it is not always the case. Congress can overrule the Presidents decision by simply getting 2/3 of Congress to agree that a bill should become a law. Ultimately, if both houses are Republican and the President is a Democrat, they will be able to pass conservative bills without the authorizations of the President. This make them extremely powerful, even more powerful than the President himself. Another reason that they are the most powerful branch is because they have the power to remove the President and Federal Judges form impeachment. People might argue that the Supreme Court has more power because they can declare laws that are created unconstitutional. TO an extent it is true, although this does not make them more powerful. The Legislative branch can pass a law, and by the time the Supreme Court reviews it, it would have been in effect for a very long time. This would allow congress to get things done, before anyone even realizes what just happened. Not only that, but if they feel like the Supreme Court of the President are not doing things right, they can remove them. This makes them the actual “law” of the government, not the Supreme Court. Lastly, Congress can declare war. This might the most important power they posses. This would put thousands of lives, and millions of dollars in danger if one branch of government deemed it necessary. No other branch has this kind of power to affect a countries people, economy, and national relationships. Although the Executive branch can send troops abroad, they can only do it for a one-month period, after that it is up to Congress to decide what occurs next. They keep the Presidents decisions in check. Based on

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