The Legislative Process And Healthcare Lobbying

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The Legislative Process and Healthcare Lobbying

The Legislative Process and Healthcare Lobbying This paper is purposed to provide a clear understanding of the legislative process which comprises of the branches of government and the process in which bills become laws. Besides, it will describe the importance of a nurse in advocating for health care policies. It will further analyze a political issue (i.e. abortion), presenting both sides of the issue; for and against. After that provides an opinion on the selected political issue and write a letter to the Legislature regarding the same.
Part 1
Legislative Process The government and citizen’s rights are encompassed around three branches of government who work separately, but also together to assure protection and effectiveness (U.S. House of Representatives). The Legislative Branch which encompasses the House and Senate. They make the political and financial decisions to establish laws. The President and approximately 5,000,000 workers are part of the Executive Branch, who enforces the laws of the land. Finally, the Judicial Branch that involves the U.S. Supreme Court and the Federal Judicial Center. These two systems work to apply the laws made. Therefore, for a bill to become law, it has to receive the approval of the U.S. House of Representatives, the Senate, and the President. In particular, it is a process that makes way through different departments before reaching the

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