Should Prepaid Cell Phones Not Be Banned Essay

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Topic 1:

Issue 1: No, prepaid cellphones should not be banned. There are many pre-teens and teenagers that use them as their form of communication, including myself at some point. It is a way for them to be able to still have a cell phone without having to pay the extravagant prices cell phone companies charge, or enter into a contract because they are a minor. Prepaid cellphones may sometimes be the only form of communication someone can afford and without this option they wouldn’t be able to have cellphone.

Issue 2:

Doing everything online could regulate prepaid cell phones. Whoever buys the phone would have to put in their name and would be required to purchase their phone using a credit card or a prepaid service where they could be tracked. This would allow the police and others people to see where the phone was purchased and under what name.
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I enjoy using these sites because I have moved frequently and enjoy being able to keep up with the people I wouldn’t normally talk to on a normal basis. Because of this, I tend to not think about there being any risk. However, I have had my Facebook hacked a few times and it is really scary. I think this is one of the risk you take though with putting stuff out there and being vulnerable to allowing other the opportunity to take over your page. I think another benefit to these sites is the privacy settings they allow you to use. You are able to make your page private, which allows others to not be able to see things unless you except them as a friend or allow them to see things. However, like I said before, if your page is hacked, there really is no privacy setting that is going to protect you which could be a great risk to your character and the way people see you. I will continue to use social media sites, however after looking over and reading the terms of use for some of them, I will be way more careful with what I put out there and what I share while using

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