Power And Authority Are Not Nice Word For Writing Centers Essay

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power and authority are not nice word to writing centers but hey don 't have to be bad ones. these words are muted by calling students who work there 'peers ' in any way shape or form. train tutors in nondirective questioning methods. the gaols is to preserve the peer relationship, encourage collaborative learning rather then hierarchical teaching. be an expert in not appearing as an expert. there is a difficulty in remaining a peer. there can be a loss in confidence in your authority from the student that causes them to become less interested. centers have long been uncomfortable with power and authority. ambiguity makes them hard to define. no one likes to feel less empowered, students coming for help need to feel as comfortable as possible. but there is a slight hierarchical relationship. dogma: never hold a pen, never write on the students papers, never edit students sentences or change their language. struggling with your role can cause confusion for the student however, master apprentice relationships are similar, it is open admission that some individuals have more knowledge and skills than others, and that the knowledge and skills are being handed down. some people argue tutoring is a form of plagiarism. a problem with writing center is that a failure to generate credit hours may make centers seems frill to university administrators. and students often can 't see whar they 're "getting out of it" by going and talking to someone about their writing. one goal to…

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