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Every person has their own way of following variety of steps towards reading and responding other student’s paper. In this case, Richard Straub and I bear our own differences such as him reading and helping the student’s paper like a friend and me analyze, support and comment my classmate’s paper like an Advance Placement Trainer. As for similarities we both aim for the same goal, provide sufficient amount of comments, and the way we write out the comments. Richard Straub is an Associate Professor of English at Florida State University who wrote “Responding-Really Responding-to Other Students’ Writing” sharing his ways of responding effectively towards a student’s paper to help them grow and improve in writing. I am a college …show more content…
For example, in my English Advance Placement course my teacher asks everyone to read and respond essays as if you were a trained reader who grades Advance Placement exams. My teacher insists for us to follow in the trainer footsteps because it will help us go more in depth with our thoughts on paper. Going in depth processes the mind to identify the mistakes written on the student’s paper. However, these trainers who grade Advance Placement Essays read and respond towards mistakes that are made on the student’s paper instead of offering suggestions or help the student correct their mistakes. It sounds harsh but it is a way to let the student seek for help on their writing and know what mistakes must not be made. Writing comments were also needed to sound like an Advance Placement trainer but with a bit of support. I was happy to know that I could at least support this student’s paper for them to feel proud from what they were able to accomplish on the essay. Trainer’s who grade Advance Placement exams had little expectations due to little amount of time with reading and commenting. My response towards reading and responding as an Advance Placement trainer is to pick up the paste. Time is precious and is needed to be taken seriously in order to know on what is being expected when beginning …show more content…
For the most part, our similarities such as goals, amount of comments, and the way comments are written and to praise or criticize became main points for students to learn to read and respond properly and adequately towards a student’s paper. Richard Straub’s reading is advice for students on what to do exactly when responding in order for them to manage a paper without to rely on the teacher; remember the teacher will not always be there to guide you. Writing in full statements and be serious on what you comment is what Richard Straub and I experienced with reading and responding. Small dull statements will lead the writer to nowhere near improving because he or she will be confused and not know what to do. Overall, Richard Straub experiences and mine are the same in terms on how each thing is being done and achieve the goal of helping the writer improve its

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