Analysis Of Lives On The Boundary By Mike Rose

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In the novel, Lives on the Boundary by Mike Rose, Rose is dealing with school, mainly from his high school days through college. Rose had to take a placement test for a high school named, Our Lady of Mercy, in order to enter as a freshman, and unfortunately his test scores got mixed up with another student named Rose, who had a lower score (Rose 24). Rose was then placed into vocational track which is for students who need to take remedial classes because they need the extra help (Rose 24). During this time Rose had much help from certain teachers in which he began to look up to. There is one teacher who helps Rose with big decisions in which I admire the most and his name is Jack MacFarland. I can relate to the position that Rose is in during …show more content…
Mr. Johnson was Rose’s philosophy teacher. The passages that Johnson assigned were very difficult for Rose so they sat down together and Rose learned how to analyze and understand the readings (Rose 50-51). Johnson actually took the time to help Rose rather than let him struggle. Many teachers that I have had in the past did not feel as if any given work was too difficult for the students so they did not focus on giving any extra out of class help. Dr. Frank Carothers taught Rose in English literary history. He was very passionate and precise with his work and gave a strong opinion to Rose’s work when he would stay after class to get some extra help (Rose 52). I found it interesting how a professor was willing to take time out of his day in order to help his students and give helpful feedback. Ted Erlandson was another teacher of Rose who taught a literature seminar. Erlandson would have Rose go over different sentences to revise and went into detail on how to correct even the smallest of mistakes in writing, which led Rose into the correct direction towards successful writing (Rose 55). A teacher who is willing to take the time to explain the material to a student in detail is a teacher to look up to. Father Albertson was another literature teacher who helped Rose with his writing. Father Albertson had a five to ten-page list of questions to ask while reading helped Rose with “connections …show more content…
When I was a freshman, I got nothing below an A or a B. When I began my sophomore year I started to slack off because I thought it was no big deal since I had received good grades the previous year. For example, I didn’t do all of my homework assignments and I started missing school because I didn’t feel a need to go all the time. Once I noticed my grades drifting to below a C I began to focus on my work. I then realized that the material in my classes was actually very difficult. My grades slipped below even more. I tried to pay attention in class, but I could not focus with all the stress I had. I asked my teachers for help but they rarely stayed after class and were too busy to put much effort in helping me. During class many of the teachers went through the lectures quite quickly with little amount of information. I got little to no help at all. I wanted to quit school because I thought I was not going to get good enough grades to graduate. I felt like I was alone. I struggled my way through high school. I managed to graduate and pass the classes on my own with hard work and dedication. Although I graduated, it would have been nice to have at least one teacher to look up

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