Analysis Of I Just Wanna Be Average, By Mike Rose

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Educational institutes are not only there to provide the basic educational terms, but also to allow development. Unfortunately, there are some schools that don’t quite meet this standard, causing the opposite reaction from students. In the story “I Just Wanna Be Average” by Mike Rose, this was just the case. Rose was mistakenly placed in vocational education school where the classes were not designed for success; however, they taught individual growth. The actions that Rose portrayed in his narrative are considered part of the working class, according to Anyon, and also showed signs of personal-growth, according to Knoblauch.
Before Mike Rose was mistakenly placed into the vocational educational school, he was overall a very successful student. However, this changed as soon as Rose made the transition to the vocational educational school. Rose expresses that
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Mike Rose wrote the story, “I Just Wanna Be Average” showing the unfortunate events that lead him to be in vocational educational school that taught him important lessons that helped shape him as a person. This changed the day that Jack MacFarland appeared in his life, then he actually had something to work towards. Rose composes, “The man immersed us in language”(Rose,1989). Jack MacFarland showed the Rose how to achieve his goals and move forward. All of these are examples of personal-growth literacy. Rose displays how he had to adjust to a vocational educational school and what the educational system was like. At the beginning of the story, he wasn’t happy with going to a vocational educational school, but towards the end he seemed to have appreciated it when he claims, “Knowledge was becoming a bonding agent”(Rose, 1989). In conclusion, school turned into something that formed Rose into the individual that he is

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