The Mind At Work Analysis

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The Mind at Work, written by Mike Rose is a story about day-to-day jobs that people partake in for a living, his main purpose of this story was to make people aware of the need to take notice of forms of intelligence that have not been tested through IQ tests and bring various things together like how the brain and hand can not be separated, they work dynamically. In this essay, I will go over the key points that I thought Rose wanted his readers to understand also, what I disagree with and agree with and also how the hand and brain work together.
I found that the first couple of chapters in the book went over the key points rather than the last couple of chapters, Rose explains that all work has some sort of skill required to do the job
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One thing that stood out to me about this interview was that you needed to have good “counseling skills” to help clients make decisions about new hair styles.
The next interview is on plumbing, I think Roes tries to open the eyes of his readers on this one because most people think “oh its just plumbing all you do is fix sinks and toilets” but really it takes more than that. Roes points out that plumbing requires a attitude of craftsmanship, problem solving, knowledge of materials needed to get the job done, and having a ability to “see the whole picture”.
This next interview he does stud out to me the most just because I can relate to it the best. Electricians, I personally am working as a apprentice electrician and some of the key points Rose gave us really opened my eyes. He explained that they have neat wiring skills that works, doing a good job to make it look physically good and works as it is intended to, understanding how electrical circuits work , diagnosing electrical problems, and lastly applying mathematics when
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People just think they all surgeons have to do is go to school and study, but he shares the beauty behind all of that and explains how they have basically mastered a skill that most people do not ever get the chance to. Same goes for a physical therapist you cant just sign up to be one and go try to align someone’s spine you could hurt someone and I think Rose tries to explain the beauty in the struggle and tries to open peoples eyes on how much it does take to actually get to be a surgeon or a physical therapist and master the “hand and brain” correlation.
Chapter 8, the final chapter in the book Rose explains that the hand and brain in school provides a look over the American vocation education system and how things could be very different. Rose talks about what is happening now in NZ, where they have started learning through “trade academy courses, basically avoiding all the writing and reading taught by English teachers and changing them into shop instructors. This last chapter is basically saying you learn better when your hands on, meaning with your “hand and brain” and the outcome is students learn a lot

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