Essay about Policy, Politics And Community Services

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Policy, Politics and Community Services – The Future of Aging Policy in the United States
Hopes and Concerns

No one could have fathomed that Social Security would become Social Insecurity within the next two decades for those on the verge of retirement or the younger generation looking forward to retirement in the future. From where I am standing now, at age 32, when I reach the ripe old age of 80 the forecast for my future seems dim. Hope for retirement has been replaced by fear and concern for the Older Americans simply because Social Security is rushing even faster towards insolvency says Osterbur (2015). The sustainability of the Social Security and Medicare programs are troubling for those who depend on it, especially the lower and minority groups who will not be able to survive without it. For the masses this spells loom and gloom because “if income and benefits continue at the unexpected rate, then by the year 2016, Social Security will need to dip into its surplus. And by 2037, the surplus will be gone. The program will be unable to make its payments as promised” laments (Novak, 2012, p. 263). In 2012 the AARP reported that according to estimates, full benefits will be awarded for the next 20 years, but beyond that only 75 percent will be allocated to beneficiaries making it an even more challenging for future retirees. John Rother in an article for the AARP was right when he said “my concern is that the minimally prepared group (middle class Americans with no…

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