Police Brutality Solution

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Police brutality is a big thing that has been escalating over the past few years. It is the “abuse of authority that amount to serious and divisive human rights violations involving the excessive use of force that may occur in the apprehension or retention of civilians” (Ochs). There have been many cases about police officers killing people for no valid reason. Some officers have been indicted and some have been acquitted. In this essay I will argue how police brutality can be corrected with four solutions which are training the officers better, make them abide by the fourth amendment, do more extensive background and psychiatric checks, and make them wear body cameras. I do not think these four things will stop police brutality completely, but I really think it will help resolve some things. The first solution I think will help correct police brutality is training the officers better. In order to be a certified police officer, you have to have the proper training. The reason for police training is to teach the officers how to handle situations they will encounter while being on the police force. The police officers are supposed to keep the community safe. “A police …show more content…
It is an act that has been evolving all across the world. I do not think these four solutions I have talked about in this essay will completely put an end to police brutality but I do think it will be a great start. There are many people who discuss this issue every day, there also have been many people protesting about this issue but I feel that if everybody continues to just talk about it how do they expect it to be resolved. What I mean by that is if people only just continue to talk about it and not do anything physically then it is only going to remain an issue. I feel people should get up and take a stand to put an end to police brutality because there have been so many innocent lives lost due to this horrible

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