Brutality: The Road To Lead To The Race Riots

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William Westley, a man who helped pioneer policing, once said,”Brutality and the third degree have been identified with the municipal police of the united states since their inauguration.” Excessive force used by police is not uncommon. Instances of this can be seen throughout history, most notably in Los Angeles, California during the 60’s which helped lead to the Race Riots, but the examples don’t stop there. This brutality is surfacing more and more with advancements in video and audio recording technology. We have discussed this issue in lecture and is something that i take very passionately, not only since law enforcement is a career path i look forward to getting into, but i have been a victim of this as well.

Today, we see videos
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The job as a police officer takes a hefty toll on the mind. Officers deal with the worst in humanity on a daily basis. James Q. Wilson said,”The police see people when they are dirty, angry, rowdy, obscene, dazed, savage, or bloodied…”, which ultimately brings about change in a person. It changes they way you see people, life, society as a whole. In Chapter 6, the text states,”…cynicism occurs when officers ‘lose faith in people, society, and eventually in themselves’” (DeLisi 132). This could bring about a myriad of different mental status changes including depression and anger. These traits are not ideal to have for a person whose job it is to preserve life but has the ability to take it away. The textbook touches on many mental changes that happen to a police officer on the job over time. The book states that “the police personality is a constellation of traits that include danger, isolation (and thus alienation), authority and power, suspiciousness, conservatism, and a fiercely held solidarity with other officers” (DeLisi 130). The Texas officer accused of excessive force previously in the essay was dealing with a suicidal case earlier that day, something that patrol officers are not fully trained on handling, to which he responded to his next call nerves rattled, not knowing what to

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