Police Brutality And Its Effects On People Essay

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In today’s society, there are many different issues that cause problems for all people. Police brutality is one issue that is slowly improving but still has a major impact on people. Police brutality did not begin as much of an issues, however over the recent years, many cases of police brutality have arisen and been dealt with. The national average for police brutality claims, according to one study, is 9.5 per 100 full-time officers (Auerbach 2). While almost 10% of all officers may not seem like a lot, the number is much higher than it should be. The actions of police brutality hurt the people being detained, the community the police serve, and the actual police force itself. While there are many rules to prevent the use of excessive force, it is still and issues and much more could be done about it. Enforcing stricter laws or harsher punishment on those who are convicted should be put in motion to greatly lower the number of occurrences. In order to fully put a stop to police brutality, much more need to be done and quickly to prevent any more people from being hurt by it.
Police brutality is an important issues because it greatly affects the police force and the communities that they serve. When there comes a time that an officer is accused of committing this crime, it reduces the number of police to protect the community which greatly hurts them. Complaints of police brutality, the majority of which are found to be groundless, hurt the police and the communities…

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