Fictionalness Essay: Police Brutality In Oklahoma

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Mataia Blackwell
Mr. Berkoben
English IV
30 November 2015
Police Brutality in Oklahoma
Over the years America has become afraid of the very people who are said to protect us. This is a result of officers abusing their power of authority and using unnecessary violence against an individual, resulting in psychical harm fatality. Oklahoma is the fifth state with the highest reported misconduct per 100,000 officers (“Abused”). Even if a person has committed a crime or is resisting arrest, only a certain amount of force should be used to obtain them, there needs to be a limit. While perhaps an individual is breaking the law, that isn’t always the case, which only adds to the undeniable truth that police brutality is a thing. No matter the circumstances,
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Officer Robert Bates, the Tulsa County Reserve Deputy, claimed he had thought he pulled out his taser when he shot and killed Harriss (“Police Brutality”). If a deputy officer makes a drastic “mistake” like that, something is very wrong. A gun and a taser are two different things. Thankfully, there was video evidence of the whole situation. While Harriss was running from the police, how does that resort in him losing his life? Due to video evidence, Bates was charged with second-degree manslaughter. In the video Harriss is gasping for air while dying and says, “I can’t breathe.” officer Robert Bates replies, “F—k your breath” (“Police Brutality”). Those few words shows how insincere the officer was when killing Harriss. This is someone’s family and loved one, and on camera is him being shot and killed without any remorse. This incident sparked riots all across Oklahoma as well as around the country because it was an officer blatantly killing someone and the only thing he could say was that he “thought it was his …show more content…
The requirements to become an officer is to have at least a high school diploma, complete undergraduate education, attend a police academy and pass some exams. This seems to be a pretty easy and achievable process. There needs to be an aim for first-rate police academy curriculum. For example, eight-hundred hours or more of a mixture of classroom and supervised field training, community sensitivity training and training in violence reduction techniques (“Fighting Police”). The government can’t really be recruiting anyone who passes these tests. A police officer deals with people. There needs to be some training in dealing with individuals. A lot of the times a police officer 's lack of social skills leads to thrashing out verbally and physically. If there is training in this, it will help have less problems.
The main ways to stop police brutality is to film everything when an officer interacts with anyone, take down their badge number and report everything you see. The more video evidence the better. In order to stop police brutality is to have evidence and to never stop speaking out about it. The government can 't deny something for too long that everyone is livid about. No one should have to fear for their life with the police. The police need

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