Against Police Brutality

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Action must be taken against police brutality in America as it is claiming the lives of many innocent victims, dividing the country, and provoking a negative response from society. Not only is it such a huge problem, but it is one that should theoretically be avoidable altogether. Why is it that we saw nearly 1,000 people die from police encounters in 2015 alone in the United States, yet a country like Norway has not seen a death from a police encounter since 2006? Yet, this is not a problem that one man, or some sort of law-making body can really solve, this problem, is one that needs to be addressed by society as a whole. Currently, it seems to garner little attention for reform yet it should be a high priority. People should not have to …show more content…
There are many steps the United States as a whole should be taking towards reform. There has to be a breaking point where this police brutality has gone on too long as a whole, and actions such as reforms and our policing system, and even just a general change in the attitude of our society is needed for the better. If no action is taken soon, the country will become more and more divided. Police brutality in the United States is a huge problem for multiple reasons. Other than the loss of life due to it, the societal response is something of concern. With some of these shootings come riots and numerous casualties on top of the original incident 's casualties. Other things like property damages and just the relationship with the people after the riots is a concern. Among the incidents, there were recently riots in Charlotte, North …show more content…
“Over in the U.S., the situation is entirely different and people drawing a comparison perhaps fail to realize that American cops have to deal with a whole different brand of criminal, while a drunken lout is probably the worst kind of offender in Norway” (Ehteram). According to one writer, comparing the United States and Norway would be completely unfair. Norway 's normal biggest threats are people with some aggressive behavior and the sort. Compared to America, this is a huge step down. “The U.S. police, on the other hand, have to deal with murderers, gangsters and drug dealers. Therefore, it is imperative to immediately arrest anyone behaving drunk and aggressive because that person could well be armed. The rise in police brutality across the United States cannot be denied; but its force cannot be compared to a country like Norway. It’s simply unfair. ” (Ehteram). While I very much agree that it would be unfair to compare the two countries in terms of crime, I also believe it is unfair to say that changing the policing system in the United States might not make a change for the better. “Much of the blame should also go to the U.S. ' decentralized law enforcement system, which leaves many state and local police agencies to set their own standards on when officers can fire and why. A recent

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