Police Abuse Essay

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Police Authority Abused or Misused
“Every year in this country, there are constant incidents of police brutality, and yet, United States is supposed to be this great country that supports life, liberty, justice, and happiness for everyone” (Nyguen 16). If that is the case, why is it that everywhere you look, the number of shootings and killings by police officers are continuing to rise and the reasons behind them have yet to be made clear? According to ‘The Humanist’ even the head of the Justice Department of Civil Rights Division states, “the trust in Cleveland with law enforcement no longer exists and it needs to be rebuilt” ( Markman 8). Accordingly, certain measures are necessary to protect society from police taking advantage of their
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In this case, there was a deadly shooting of an unarmed man named Prince Jones. Mr. Jones was followed 30 miles by an undercover officer in an unmarked SUV, and as an end result, he was shot 16 times, while sitting in his car. Rion Scott have said,“Even though witnesses gave a different story than that of Corporal Carlton Jones, which proved he was guilty, again, no criminal charges were filed” ( 14). Mr. Prince a Howard University student, that was about to graduate, and also unarmed, and was murdered.. As a result, according to authors Alpert and Smith, “Police officers possess awesome powers. They perform their duties under hazardous conditions and with the vigilant public eye upon them. Police officers are permitted only a margin of error in judgment under conditions that impose high degrees of physical and mental stress” (481). Citizens are supposed to look to police officers as protectors of them; not as a …show more content…
The training will hopefully teach officers to visualize and imagine the descriptions given to create a portrait of the suspect without racial assumptions. “Police officers assume black suspects are profiled to be aggressive, because black men are typically known to resist being arrested without specific reason” (Alpert and Smith 491).Furthermore, the manner in which an officer is supposed to interact with the general public, should be polite and professional at the same time. However, in recent years,Professors Alpert and Smith have stated that “the actions of this nations’ police abuse, continues to be viewed everywhere publicly and critically” (486). In today’s society, where citizens are supposed to worry about protecting themselves from criminals, they also have to keep their eyes open for those who are supposed to protect and serve them (489). People in the community should believe and respect that officers will adhere to the oath they proclaimed when beginning their

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