Police Brutality Is A Predictable Outcomes Of Social Conditions In The United States

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In America, children are taught from a very young age that people are innocent until proven guilty. Parents teach their children this and expect for them to be treated this way if they ever get in trouble with the law. That is how the United States justice system has always been believed to be. But is this really the case? In the years past there have been more cries for justice than ever before. People have started questioning whether they are actually being protected by our justice system all the while losing faith in the police 's ability to protect and serve. The injustice that some families must deal with has led to riots across the U.S. along with the well-known hashtag “black lives matter” used on almost all social media. Police brutality is a predictable outcome of social conditions in the United States.
Corruption is erratic and very hard to control. There are corrupt court officials, corrupt police officers, corrupt prison guards, and even corrupt business people. Corrupt police officers can get away with just about anything with the help of the blue wall of silence and their fellow coworkers.. The blue wall of silence is used to “describe the police officer practice of closing ranks behind each other, clamming up in the face of injustice, and protecting their own, making the holding of bad cops responsible for their actions practically impossible”(Berkowitz 2015). With this blue
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Corruption, entitlement, and discrimination amongst other things have not helped the situation. They have made things worse than they already are. In many cases, the United States justice system fails to protect the people and their families. People are not always treated as though they are innocent until proven guilty. Often times, it tends to be the opposite: guilty until proven innocent. America is in desperate need of a renewed justice system because the one used now does a lot of

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