Pitfalls Of Leadership Essay

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Leaders Who Fall to the Pitfalls of Leadership Six pitfalls of leadership are reasons that are hidden sigma that can cause damage to the leaders, employees and the companies. Being a leader is one of the biggest challenges out there. Leaders don’t just try to keep their life in balance, but also the employees. Great leaders find their way to improve and strengthen their teams by understanding what’s going on around them. In order to succeed, a leader should avoid six pitfalls, failing to respond to employee emails, failing to provide feedback- positive or negative, acknowledging people only when they make mistakes, failing to celebrate victories, showing favoritism and burning out employees.
Six Pitfalls of Leadership Pitfall number
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Being unaware of what an employee should be improving can lead towards making dangerous mistakes. Not everyone in the company will be perfect what they’re given as their assignment, which is why it’s important for the leader to take out some time and briefly discuss with the employee so they aren’t making any more mistakes and can improve. While job-hunting on Indeed.com, I came across with a security job entry-level position. As I reviewed the company’s review, an ex-employee left a comment claiming that there are no feedbacks from the manager. The leader won’t pay attention to you unless you make a mistake. It represents the leader either doesn’t care or they’re too busy to pay attention to their employee’s weaknesses. When mistakes happen, it doesn’t just affect the employee, but also the manager’s position in the work area. To overcome through this pitfall, leaders should develop a personal level connection. Personal level connection will connect the employee with the leader without hesitation. That way employee can become more open minded and will ask questions at the right moment. Pitfall number four: Failing to celebrate victories. We all like celebrating, especially after accomplishing our goal/s. Sometimes, being paid isn’t enough. Not every company invest themselves at celebrating their victories because they consider this as insignificant. Celebrations alters the atmosphere and refreshes the mind as well. Enjoying small happiness creates great and ever lasting

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