Reflective Essay: Identifying A Leadership Issue

Identify a Leadership Issue
Self-confidence would be a challenging issue for me to face at this time. I know that confidence is a state of mind and positive thinking can change my thought pattern, it is not easy to learn about self-confidence it has to be practice. Ultimately I have to be the one to change my thinking. Practicing positive thinking and talking to others who have at one point in their life struggled with self-confidence can help me build self-confidence of my own. I am always second guessing myself if I am doing something the correct way.
In leadership I want to be able to challenge my clients to let them know that they can overcome anything even lack of self-confidence, but I cannot do that if I am lacking self-confidence in
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Normally hearing feedback from others discourages me, I thought if they are giving me feedback then that must mean that I am a failure. Now I see that feedback is not meant to hurt me but to help me see my mistakes and how to fix it the right way. Finding support in others can help because that way I know that I am not alone or just take time for myself. The reason self-confidence is an issue for me because I am so focused on what I want from the future, that I do not think about the things that I have already accomplished. Lastly, at this time to gain self-confidence I can participate in group activities in class and if I mess up I just have to keep moving on because I cannot get anywhere in life without …show more content…
The task ahead is to focus on self-confidence that is helpful to the group. The way to do that is getting constructive criticism from supervisors or co-workers. Another way to focus on the task in a group therapy setting is to learn from my mistakes, I will not give up after one try. I have a responsibility to provide stability within the therapy group. If I do not focus on the issue of minimal self-confidence it can cripple the group and myself.
I have to first admit to myself that I am only human I am not always going to get everything right. With practice, I can focus on helping group members struggling with self-confidence in their own life. It is okay for me to ask others for help because they know what I am going through, they have been there and overcome not having any self-confidence in the beginning stages of counseling in therapy group settings. The task in a group is to focus on being an example for the group, demonstrating what self-confidence should look like. A major impact is feeling safe sometimes I feel very uneasy because I know am not well prepared and if I am not prepared then the group might feel some kind of uneasiness within the group setting. “Self-confidence isn’t just about what you think or imagine, it’s about action” (Tyrrell,

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