Psychoeducational Group Therapy Case Study

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Similar to the other group therapies, there are certain norms and rules established in psychoeducational group therapy. Along with trust there must be respect among the group. Anything that is talked about during a group session should remain within the group, and group members in should refrain from socializing with each other outside of the group ( CIAITION).
The psychoeducational group therapy begins with session one; rapport building and trust. In the session group members will establish ground rules, review expectations, program overview and ice breaker. The objective is this first session is to get the group members aquatinted. They will learn the importance of coping skills for anxiety in children and adolescents. Create an atmosphere
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The second half of the session will consist of a psychoeducation component which focuses on skill building through the use of participatory methods. It is anticipated that the division of time between the two parts of the session could change, as self-reporting increases.

In therapy there are various ways to address individual goals and goals of the group as a whole. Group therapy objective and goal is to focus on the group member’s concerns. Educating children and adolescents about anxiety will help them identity and learn ways to cope with the disorder. Psychoeducational groups help people who would like to improve their ability to cope with problems. The goal of group therapy is to helps people learn about themselves, coping skills and improve their interpersonal
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REBT is based on the premise of upsetting emotions and behaviors. Thoughts and behaviors are what are in our control, whereas our feelings are a result of the thoughts that we have. These same thoughts and feelings can cause anxiety within children and adolescents. REBT approach examine how your thoughts impact your feelings and behaviors in situations The role of the leader in REBT groups is to provide a direct approach and understanding for what REBT is. The desired outcome of REBT groups is for members to learn how to think rationally (Gladding, 2016). A rational thought can create an emotion and behavior that could decrease the anxiety that someone is possibly feeling. REBT is easy to understand and explain to group members. I personally believe that REBT can be effective for this particular counseling group. So many people suffer from irrational beliefs which in return creates unhealthy emotional

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