Persuasive Essay On Truancy In School

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I think the biggest problem that Maryland or Montgomery County has today with schools is Truancy. Truancy is basically not showing up to school or not attending school for a good reason. I think truancy started in the early 1900 or towards the 1950s. If truancy keeps going then the people that will be blamed to most for truant students would be the parents. The parents are going to be most blame because the parents aren’t making sure that their child or their children is getting to school. In some places in Maryland you could get arrested or be fined because your child isn’t going to school. The governor would be impacted because attendance ties in with funding for school. This basically means that the money that they should be using to pay …show more content…
My first thing I would do would be to have security or a police officer to patrol the outside of school. Teens are running out of class to leave school and no one is outside to stop them from leaving school. Another thing would be to make sure tract or keep record of them. If they are absent for three days you can call their parents. If they are absent for five days you put them in a conference with their parent and that child stating that the child you are raising isn’t coming to school. Make sure you blame the parents and say something like it’s your fault to so I need you to step up your game plan. If that doesn’t work then I will call their house every day and tell them to wake up and go to school, and their will be a police officer waiting there to pick that child up to get to school.
In the past and still today the principle would leave a recorded message saying that your child was absent or late in on or more classes. To me that isn’t working because how would you know if the parent got the message some teens just get the phone and hear the message, obviously they won’t tell their parents because it’s
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I think what I would do would be to ask the counselor to speak with that child and the teachers that they don’t like, and try to fix it. For my second answer to my solution which is problems with family or peers. My solution would be to get the principle to talk to the parents and the child to ask what is happening at home that they can’t come to school. Then try to see if the principle can fix the problem to get it going. My last problem which is irrelevant courses. I would ask the counselor to ask them why they don’t like the course and try to make the course better so that they could stay but if they don’t like it then, the counselor would ask them what course they would like and change

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