Persuasive Essay On Four Day School Week

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A 4-day Week May Be the Solution
How does a three day weekend sound? As a student, a three day weekend sounds awesome! With budget cuts, schools have been desperately trying to find a solution and a four-day school week may just be it. Installing a four-day week would mean a Monday or Friday off of school for students and a great deal of other benefits. Not only would this idea provide financial benefits with transportation, school lunches, and staff costs, but also it could potentially increase attendance. Because of the countless benefits to a four-day school week, all schools should make the switch.
One of the primary purposes for the four-day school week would be the great amount of savings. Chattooga School District in Georgia says they are saving $800,000 annually after
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Like I had mentioned earlier teachers will be provided with less vacation days; therefore their attendance would be increased ( Studies have shown that 94% of teachers have missed nearly eleven days each year due to the use of vacation days ( Also, having an extra open day would be beneficial for athletes ( In every season there are a couple games that which teams have to travel long distances to compete which results in student athletes missing class time, having this open day allows the long distance games to be scheduled then and therefore allows student athletes to get the most out of their education. Another way students and teachers can take advantage of their day off is by scheduling needed appointments on the extra day rather than during school hours. Students and teachers are pulled out of school for appointments every day which would make a free day very useful in these cases ( With these three reasons taken into consideration student and teachers attendance will then be

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