A/B Block Schedule Reflection

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The last two years have been busy, as I have moved twice, resulting in my attendance to three separate high schools. This gives me first hand experience in many different types of schedules. In junior high, I had an A/B block type schedule, we had the same core classes everyday but our electives would alternate each day. Freshman year I had a 4x4 block schedule with 4 90 minute classes a day and classes were only a semester long (8 credits). Sophomore year I attended a school with trimesters, 5 70min classes per day, lasting 2 out of the 3 trimesters. (Approximately 7.5 credits). This is my junior year with a traditional 7 45min classes per day, year long classes (7 credits). Recently, Ms. Newberry has informed me of the A/B block schedule …show more content…
Teachers are here to help students succeed in life and I am grateful for their efforts and impacts they have made. I believe a 4x4 block schedule would help reduce stress that teachers face everyday with grading papers, prep, and student behavior. With only 4 classes each day, the passing times are cut in half compared to a traditional schedule resulting in more time in class rather than in the hallways. Teachers overall will only have to teach 3 classes per day and have a 90 minute prep. This means teachers will have less students to teach at one time. Consequently, less papers to grade, more one on one time with students, fewer daily lessons to plan, and double the prep time per day. The 90 minute advisement period would also be a stress to teachers as they have to watch students the entire time. A 20-30 minute advisement period is more reasonable and can be implemented in any schedule type. Less stress on teachers would result in a positive and healthy learning environment for …show more content…
What about band and AP classes? Will this decrease ACT/SAT scores? First, abscesses will be harder to make up with a 4x4. However, it will be even harder to make up absences with an A/B schedule as the student does not see that teacher everyday. How will you fit band and AP into one semester? The answer is you wouldn’t. These classes need to be year long. Students and teachers could always use more time to prepare for AP tests. Some people are worried about decreasing ACT/SAT scores. A study done at act.org “The Relationship Between Schedule Type and ACT Assessment Scores: A Longitude Study” shows a slight decline in ACT scores after implementation of the block schedule. After the initial implementation period scores start to rise above previous averages. This is to be expected as students and teachers have to adjust to this new schedule type. Additionally there are many online ACT/SAT prep tests/classes available to students and also a prep class focusing on these tests would greatly improve scores. All in all there are plenty of opportunities for ACT/SAT test takers, absent students, and AP and Band (Year Long)

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