Advantages Of Block Scheduling

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“If you don 't have time to read, you don 't have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” ― Stephen King. A block schedule would be a solution for any school to change the way they organize their school day. It can change in the classes offered to select students, or include the extra-curricular activities that they will offer. They also will vary in the ways that they will schedule a school day. For example, they are able to choose the start and end times of the days, the time for each class periods, or they might even suggest a staggered schedule where you may take a class every other day. In choosing the type of scheduling system, they must understand the different classes that they offer and how the different system may help …show more content…
A composition teacher can benefit the organization that a block schedule offers. The preparation that teachers do to conduct a successful learning period is something that would become easier and would not have to be done as often. By having fewer periods in a regular school day, it would need less preparation as there are not as many classes that are taught. A block schedule would also lengthen the planning time that composition teachers may need for a class as classes would be alternating instead of occurring every school day. Teachers would also have smaller class sizes for each semester. With the courses spread out and diversified, the average class size would lessen due to more options for the class. For composition teachers specifically, the smaller class size would mean more time to grade papers and fewer papers to actually grade. Teachers with smaller class sizes would also be able to have the time to know their students. This could benefit both the teachers and the students. The teachers would be able to understand how to teach each student and understand the way that they take in information and learn. As for the student, they would be able to have more time to ask questions and fully understand the lesson that is taught to them. The block scheduling system creates specific advantages to students as well. For composition courses, the block schedule would give more opportunities to retake the course if the student fails it the first time. There is more opportunity to take classes earlier as there are more slots to fill by the block schedule, instead of the regular schedule. This would then give more space to retake any kind of class that you might have failed. Students also could earn more credits by choosing to take more classes in shorter semester terms. The students will benefit from the classes by having fewer assignments,

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