4 Day Work Week Research Paper

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This 4-day workweek does not necessarily only pertain to the adults in today’s society. In almost a greater extent this 4-day work week better the educational chances and advancements in the next generation 's life. This could not have been proven better than the success in Finland. As previously stated Finland 's school week is sharply less than United States Schools system. The schools over in Finland provide 4 five hour days. Many in U.Ss society would feel and believe that this country is probably full of delinquents and to further this feeling the schools in Finland give 40 min of recess which is removed from a student 's vocabulary once entering middle school. To address these feelings are in short the children 's overall test scores. They are ranked around 2nd place in overall education whereas United States is ranked 25 who have …show more content…
And they know that there’s not as much downtime, so we’ve got to get in there and do it”(Sheehy). With this in mind coaches of sports teams in the same high school are pulling for education over sports. When there was the usual 5 day school weeks time and time again a whole team 's worth of students, no matter from what grade, are pulled from the educational routine to play a game when really the should be in class studying and learning. Since the change more and more coaches are time to schedule games on one of the days off so no instead of being that students are missing class rather they are losing a couple hours during their break thus keeping in classes and helping their future. Within the schools district power students are gaining more for their money kinda thing because they are spending 4-days in schooling and actually gaining more than they would have back in the old style. The students testing averages have gone up by 14 to 15 points and surprised many teachers in the best way

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