Argumentative Essay: Should College Be Free?

There are a variety of countries around the world which offer free college such as: Brazil, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, and Slovenia. Although America does not offer free college currently, there has been in quite a few debates regarding this lately. Some presidential candidates such as Bernie Sanders have been pushing a free college idea. This is one way to attract countless young people that will be going to college soon. ¨College tuition is roughly $32,000 in private schools, $9,500 for in state public colleges, and $24,000 for out of state students per year¨ (¨How Much Will Free¨…). This results in a large amount of college students being in extreme debt. College should not be free because this will mean giving free education to many …show more content…
High school student surveys show that forty eight percent of respondents agree that, yes, college should be free, but there is not enough money to support that policy. Free college education is a very expensive project. Especially considering there will not have the desired results. According to Stephen Dinan of the Washington Times, ¨the current debt in America 17.075 trillion.¨ High school students do not understand the amount of money a national free college system would add to this amount. This will be another seventy billion dollars a year added to the already swiftly increasing national debt. Only twenty six percent of high schoolers agreed that the values of a college education would decrease if college was offered free. While thirty seven percent said no there would not be a decrease. The amount of people that were uncertain was another thirty seven percent. It is important for high schoolers to understand the various effects of this plan. This way, as they get older, they will make better voting decisions debate their decisions is vital. Bernie Sanders is a presidential candidate who has been pushing for free college. This appeals to countless young people, especially ones that do not understand the effects this would bring. Those who jump at Bernie Sanders big promises may not see the magnitude of the following events these promises may bring. Before decisions are made about the future spending towards the college plan these factors need to be taken into an

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