Persuasive Essay : Basketball Parents

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Basketball Parents There are thirty seconds left in the game and we are done by two. if we could score one more basket we would be tied with one of our all time rivals, Bigfork. Everyone in the stands are on the edge of their seats. our parent s are all cheering us on. It was an all time parents embarrassment high. Some like Rose Villeneuve are just sitting there like always watching the game calm and collected. Then there are ones like my parents who are trying to be calm, but are using their arms and faces to give advice and reminders to their children on the court. Finally there are the ones like heather schjenken and her mother who are yelling and standing by the end of the game. We pass the ball down the court and are to the three point line. I can hear heather yelling or cheering. My parents are trying to stay seat but are telling me to box out, like always. We get the ball down to the basket and Natalie puts it in. the parents and fans go crazy. everyone is cheering even louder than before. Bigfork has the ball, but we steal it midway down and score once more. We have won again. Our parents are all clapping for us and come to give us a hug as we finish shaking hands. Parent have many ways of cheering on their children, but some are more extreme than other.
The polite and proper parent is the one that will mostly be sitting by their friend just quietly visiting through the whole game. Rose is the proper peacock. She will just be sitting there quietly watching…

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