Essay on Persuasion Is Often More Effectual Than Force

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Poet Aesop once said, “Persuasion is often more effectual than force.” Marketers today rely heavily on the art of persuasion, so much so that they have it narrowed down to a sort of science. For example, how many people have been persuaded to buy a weight loss pill? The commercials are very convincing, promising consumers to lose a crazy amount of weight with their pill, and even showing examples of people who lost a great deal of weight while taking the pill. What the advertisers fail to mention is that the amazing cases of people who lost 120 pounds while on their program were doing a lot more than just swallowing an overpriced pill once a day. They most likely changed their diets and started exercising more as well. However, we as consumers see only what the advertisements show us and believe that it really can be that easy. Because of this, we believe that the product works and is effective, and long for it for ourselves. These advertisements are designed to make people feel like they need the product, which is done in nearly every advertisement a person sees. The persuasion tactics of pathos, ethos, and logos are used to persuade consumers to buy a product. A heavily utilized persuasion tactic is pathos, the act of targeting a consumer’s emotions to convince them to buy a product. A great example of an advertisement using pathos is a commercial promoting Dick’s Sporting Goods. The commercial starts with a father buying his young daughter a basketball hoop for…

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