Analysis Of Harrop's Essay Stop Babysitting College Students

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In the essay, “Stop Babysitting College Students” has many argumentative inconsistencies and logical fallacies. One example of a logical fallacy the author made would be in paragraph 3 “But if they can drink responsibly, then let them have a good time.”(Harrop, 41) This statement that the author had made does not support his argument. Harrop should give reasons and evidence why this would support his argument. The author talks about how “binge drinking is more about binge than drinking” (Harrop, 42) and that binge drinking happens because they don’t know how to drink responsibly but doesn’t give further explanation or evidence to support this. Harrop lastly states, “Working people who cause trouble because they drink are punished. College students are given others to blame” (Harrop, 42) the author compares working people to college students …show more content…
An example would be in an Axe television commercial that I have seen and in this commercial a man with not only a dandruff problem but his dandruff turns girls into dust. He finds Axe’s Anti-Dandruff shampoo which not only cures his problem, but also makes 3 attractive women show up. Then the slogan “Lose the Flakes, Get the Girls” appears. There are many problems with this advertisement such as the slogan itself, it suggest a false dichotomy. The fallacy in this would be you either use the shampoo and get rid of the dandruff and “get the girls” or you don’t use the shampoo and don’t “get the girls.” Dandruff and getting girls are not mutually exclusive as this commercial presents it. This commercial presents a slippery slope which would be that if you don’t the product you will have dandruff and women around you will turn into dust. This commercial also presents a stirring symbol by having attractive women in their commercial which would make more people want to buy the

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