Personal Statement On Youth Ministry Essay

1097 Words Jul 21st, 2015 null Page
Throughout the course of this summer, wonderful people have blessed my ministry and amazing God ordained encounters. Coming into a new training situation in Columbia, Missouri, knowing virtually no one in the area, the thought of having a fruitful ministry experience seemed distant. At one point before the summer started, I almost went back on my word, thinking that this situation would be too much to handle, but then I had to step back and trust that God would help me through this new experience. God throughout the Old Testament constantly tells His people to live without fear, and this is how I needed to approach my summer, fully trusting God that He will allow my ministry to blossom in unfamiliar territory. With my leader this summer Marc Galaske I committed to making lasting relationships with the youth, met regularly with the college minister Donnie Berry, and discerned how to operate in a ministry setting effectively and wisely.
While youth ministry can be a tricky subject, Marc gave me great insight into how to deal with and work with middle school to high school age kids. He met with me on a weekly basis, normally in Kaldi 's coffee or Panera Bread, and we talked for an hour about life and my summer ministry. One thing that I immediately realized from Marc is that youth ministry is to be commanded with respect and dignity. Marc is a fifty-year-old youth pastor with no aspirations to become a head pastor. He was called from his job as a construction worker to youth…

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