Essay Personal Statement On Customer Service

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Yes I do feel that I could be good at customer service. I think this because I want my employee’s and myself to have good customer service in my business. I think the first step for myself to be good in customer service comes because I want to be good at customer service. If I want something then I will work hard at been good at it. I will reach deep down inside myself and work hard at what I want. I feel the more you want something the better steps you will take to get where you want to be. I say this because I have the knowledge to ask people questions. I have the ability to be able to talk to people and stay claim and the knowledge to seek what customers are looking for. I have the ability to reach out and find the answers for the customer if I don’t already know the answer. I listen to what the problem is and try to find a solution that makes sense to both parties involved. I also feel that I have good work ethics that will allow me to be good in customer service. I think that I have the patience to deal with customer on a daily routine. I am willing to be there when I am needed with problems that are good or bad. I have the experience in dealing with the public. Higher paying customer service jobs will require that I have previous experience in dealing with the public. If I don’t have this experience, I would be willing to start at the bottom and work my way up. I feel I have the knowledge of the product. If I work for a company that sells something, it is important…

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