My Desire To Become A Physician

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My desire to become a physician takes me back to my early childhood memories. I can remember making volcanoes with baking soda, and other childhood science experiments. I have always been interested in science but something occurred early in my life that drove me to want to learn more about medicine. I can vividly remember my father’s death when I was six years old. At such a young age I didn’t even know what a heart attack was. However, I wanted to learn everything I could about how the heart works and why my father’s had suddenly stopped working. I feel that my curiosity and strong desire to learn helped motivate me to pursue a career in medicine. Becoming a physician will integrate my passion for science with my strong desire to help others. …show more content…
While studying courses of chemistry and biology, my interest in various sciences grew. I then applied and got a job at Satellite Med Urgent Care Clinic, where I have had my most direct exposure to medicine. I love having the opportunity to interact with the patients, whether it is checking blood pressures or assisting a physician in a procedure. The most intriguing part of my job is observing the doctors’ every move with the patients. I am continually asking the physicians questions and learning every step of the way. The physicians that I work with always take the time to explain the correct approach to the medical problem that is presented to us. One of the most valuable messages I have learned is each patient is given the same amount of care; from the smallest patient with strep throat to a cancer diagnosis. I have noticed how the physicians, nurses, and staff all work together. This kind of cooperation is what is necessary to provide the patients with the best medical care. It has given me a vivid impression that the medical field is a very close-knit team of different professionals, of which I desire to be a part of. Working at Satellite Med has been one of the most rewarding experiences. It has helped me grow intellectually and has helped fuel my desire to become a …show more content…
I have volunteered with this program since I was a freshman in high school. I spent most summer days with children at the basketball gym as well as the football and baseball fields teaching them skills for each sport. I am passionate about being a mentor to these children because I am able to help instill in them teamwork, discipline, and self-esteem. It is a great feeling of satisfaction to watch the children have fun and excel, not only in the game but in their lives. I also volunteer at Rural Area Medical Clinics (RAM) where we help a large number of people that do not have medical insurance get the medical treatment they need and deserve. I take pride in giving back to my community knowing that I am helping to positively affect someone’s

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