Personal Statement : ' Happy Valentine 's Day ' Essay

1153 Words Feb 23rd, 2016 null Page
Meichen Qian Prof. Amrine 17th Feb Prompt#1 My Digital Practice “Happy Valentine’s day”, the buzzing of my phone reminded me of the just-received text. I know it definitely was sent from my boyfriend although he was just sitting on my left. It is an all-too-familiar scene that we just peck away at our smartphone checking our Facebook feeds or texts. As I called his attention, his head slowly lifted and reluctantly kiss me. Then, however, lower his head and refocus on his laptop games. It’s no surprise that lots of girls are complaining their boyfriend overlook their feeling due to over-addicted to visual games. Some girls, unbearably, finished their relationship. “According to the Pew Research Center, one in three teens sends over 100 text messages a day. More than half of teens use texting to communicate daily with friends, versus only 33 percent who regularly talk face to face. Cell phone use is rampant at most schools (mine included), despite attempts to restrict or even integrate it into the curriculum” (Paul Barnwell, My Students Don 't Know How to Have a Conversation).Since people have been accustomed to doing everything on their digital devices, they gradually forget how to communicate face to face and don’t know how to move forth and back between digital screens and real world. In the 21th century, the number of “Geek Otaku” is booming. A great amount of people, like my boyfriend, are living in the…

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