Student Counseling Reflective Report

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Pressuring a Master’s degree in Student Affairs and College Counseling from the University of Tennessee at Martin would allow me to work as a professional counselor within many roles in a university setting. In one of my past position as a financial Aid counselor, I enjoyed working with each student helping them with their financial planning for their 4 years of college, but the most important thing I enjoy was being able to encourage each student and having them know I was there if they had any problems or concerns. I met such a diverse group of students that I had to learn that each student is unique and their concerns are different.
After working as a Financial Aid counselor for over 2 years, I found that I had a passion for not only
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Not only would this degree allow me to work with student development, but also focus on other important areas in professional development, diversity and administration. I started to think about pursuing another Master’s degree about a year ago, but it wasn’t until I saw that this program was starting at UT Martin that I knew this was the degree I wanted to have. I feel that I would be a successful counselor because I am patient and I would give each client with the skills and confidence they need to overcome obstacles in their life. I enjoy working with people and I know they everyone is unique and people should be treated as individuals. I know what that going back to school will be challenging at times, but I am a very hardworking. I am feeling this would open up a lot of opportunities for me to continue my passion of working in Higher Education and being able to work with Administration and …show more content…
Having both parent that are UT Martin alumni it was a very simple decision to want to get a second Master’s degree from there. I have heard many great things about the counseling program and have had many friends that have graduate from the program and have gone on to start great careers. The online program will allow me to continue to work as an Assistant Director of the 4-H foundation for the University of Tennessee Extension and still pursue my goal of obtaining a Master’s in College

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