Personal Spirituality : A Important Aspect Of A Human Being 's Character And Identity

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Personal spirituality is one aspect of a human being’s character and identity that is not only important, but also an aspect that plays a vital and essential role in helping people to better understand the world they live in. Madison Wagner believes strongly that spirituality is starkly different from religion, although, for some people, religion can be a guide to helping people to understand and discover their spirituality. As a future nurse and patient advocate, Madison knows that it is her responsibility and privilege to care for the needs of the whole person, which means not only helping her patients recover physically from any injury or illness they may have incurred, but also caring for the personal and spiritual needs of each individual patient. Since patients put their trust in the nurse who is responsible for their care, it is important that the nurse understand this role and treat is with a great deal of seriousness and respect. Before attempting to understand the spiritual needs of the various people Madison will interact with over the course of her career as a nurse, she will evaluate her own spirituality by examining her personal sources of strength, peace, and security, as well as seeking to understand the effects of spirituality on her health and career. Life, especially college and nursing school, is a stressful ordeal. Madison, like many of her peers, is trying to balance her school work, social life, family life, and personal time. Sometimes, all of these…

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