Empirical Referent Concept

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Defining empirical referents is the last step of concept analysis. This is the method to measure or defining the attributes of the concept. This step answer the question of, how concept can be measured or what are the application of this concept? Empirical referents are closely related to the defining attributes and are connected to the theoretical foundation of the concept. The empirical referents of spiritual care are, (1) Patient to be assisted in developing their personal spiritual coping strategies. Spiritual care is important in finding hope and meaning in life through faith, love and hope. When health care professionals create a loving and compassionate environment that motivate acceptance and hope, the spiritual life of patient is enhanced (Mok.et al., …show more content…
Model Cases
A model case is a real world presentation of the concept including all of the defining attributes. This model case is constructed by the author is explaining here. Ryan is a 65 year old male admitted with history of pain on the left hip and knee after a fall. On assessment, Ryan appeared very depressed and sad. According to Ryan, a left hip replacement was done six months ago and ended with some complications. Post-surgery, Ryan developed infection on the surgical site which resulted another surgical intervention. His rehabilitation therapy was unsuccessful due to severe pain on the left leg. During this period he lost his wife and worsened his current situation. Ryan’s family arranged a home health aide to complete his activities of daily living. While exploring his current situation, Ryan admitted that he is losing his confidence and feeling very depressed. “He asked himself and god, why it is happening to me? I feel like I am not going to walk anymore”. Ryan refused his treatment and do not want to meet any of his friends or family. Nurse sat at his bedside and encourage him to speak. She listened all his concerns without interrupting him. Finally she held his hand and told him, you

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