Personal Response Essay - Original Writing

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———— Shuffling through the old, rusting door behind my parents I give a smile as I 'm greeted by my grandmother, grandfather, and great-grandmother. Hiding my discontent at the warmth of the home I converse with the three, as do my parents. “Well, how ya’ doin’?" As she usually does whenever we come over, my great-grandmother gets up out of her chair and makes her way over to us in her little cream-colored dress and socks as she speaks. I’m always afraid she’s going to fall on the wooden floor in just socks, but I can’t persuade her to wear shoes. "I’m doing fine, grandma.” My response is the same every time. “You like school?” “Yeah, it’s pretty cool.” “That’s good,” Her tiny figure turns to my mother, “You workin’ hard?” My mother nods in response with a small, soft chuckle, “Yep, I’m always working hard.” While I 'm not being spoken to, I motion to my mother that I’m leaving the room, and get up to hurry out towards a miniature hallway leading to three other rooms. I may enjoy visiting my elders, but there’s something else I’m here for: A plastic bag. This is no ordinary plastic bag, however. It’s filled with many colors of Anchor Floss and cloth printed with washable ink patterns. Something I’ve been meaning to take back to my house for years. As I enter the small room to my left, I glance around. Such a mess. Understandable, though. Grandpa doesn’t have any time to clean anymore. I debate on sitting on the large computer chair near the center…

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