Essay about Personal Philosophy : Leadership Styles

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Personal Philosophy

After completing the leadership inventory, I came to find that I had equal amounts of each of the four leadership styles. Personally, I thought my primary leadership style was analytical and my secondary leadership style was supportive. I did not see myself as being directive or adaptive, so I was surprised at the results. By having equal amounts of all four leadership styles, I will be able to use all the different characteristics of these leadership styles to aid in my success as a teacher. In the Wolfgang and Glickman behavior model, I feel that I fall under the descriptions of an interventionist. According to Tauber, “interventionists believe that children develop according to environmental conditions. A teacher’s job is to control the environment by implementing a logical system of conditioning”. I personally believe that the teacher should be creating a positive learning environment that is controlled by the teacher. I also think the rewards and punishments system should be implemented in some way. In my elementary school years, I remember my teachers having reward charts for each student. If the student did not get in trouble during the school day, then at the end of the day they would get a sticker on their chart. Once they filled up their sticker chart, they would get a reward such as an ice cream party or a free homework pass. In the interventionist theory, the teacher has more power than the child, and therefore makes it easier for the…

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