My Leadership Style Essay

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The people that I have always looked up to in my life are my parents. Ever since I was young they would always give me advice on what to do and what not to do, what would help me in the long run, how to manage my workload and they would also encourage me to do my very best in everything that I did. These are people that I trusted and people that I relied on. These people, my parents, are what made me strive to do my best and reach my goals. So I ask myself, how am I going to make a difference for the people in my life and how am I going to become an inspiring leader?
Some common themes that found with the readings The leadership challenge (Kouzes and Posner, 20017), The imposter syndrome (Hillman, 2013), The authenticity paradox (Ibarra, 2015) and Connect, then lead (Cuddy, Kohut & Neffinger, 2013) is that leadership is being authentic, finding your voice, commitment and
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54). Many people have their own style of leadership and by trying out different styles of leadership we are able to become more authentic because we are not sticking to one style. Sticking to one style could be effective in the short term but as we grow as leaders we broaden our knowledge of different ways of leading. I think I am truthful and open which is a good stepping stone to becoming a more authentic leader. I want to be an inspiring leader and one day when i find my style I will be able to make a difference to people and an organization in my life.
To be true to yourself is to stick to your values and beliefs. An inspiring leader should be able to share their values to employees and should also be agreeable to others. “You have to be honest with yourself in order to be honest with others”. Leadership requires honesty and trust and to have these qualities will help a leader to be true to themselves. I believe I am an honest person and I am true to myself because i know what my values are and what they stand

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