My Personal Statement: The True Definition Of Leadership

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According to Harold S. Geneen, a famous American business associate, “leadership is not so much practiced in words as in attitude and action.” In past leadership essays I have brought definition upon the title of leader, but through my two years of experience I can finally acknowledge that leadership holds no true definition. Leadership is a conceptual and specific idea to every individual. The personal concept I hold as the epitome of leadership includes the ability of self-assessment, humility, determination, and communication. A leader continually gives self-assessment on their actions and goals; I ask myself my goals for myself and my team while also asking what weaknesses I possess in order to always be the best leader I can possibly …show more content…
The ability to clearly describe what needs to be accomplished and explain the vision that I have for the team in order to work towards the same goal is what I believe I possess. I am able to concisely explain directions and information to members on and off the field. To give information to the guard outside of rehearsals, I utilize text messaging, Facebook, and in-person discussion as a way to direct people on upcoming occurrences. By holding communication in a high esteem, I create an open, organized, and effective way of leadership while also achieving a family atmosphere within the guard. Communication allows me to identify the strengths that our team possesses and gives me the ability to capitalize on them. Overall, the acquisition of communication creates a higher functioning team that believes in one another and that works together to accomplish a goal, a passion, a creation. With three season, two years, as a captain of guard, I have come to understand my epitome of a great leader: self-assessment, humility, determination, communication. By observing my actions as captain throughout my experience, I believe that I exhibit all the qualities listed and more. My growth as a leader can be seen through my actions and attitudes. Though I will always have more to learn, I have faith that I will aid our guard in achieving greatness. I look forward to my senior year with the Creekview Marching Grizzlies and hope to once again be placed among the finest leadership team Creekview has to

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